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TSMA is, without question or hesitation, the best school around. The quality of instruction is only matched by the quality of character of the instructors and staff. Whether you are looking for yourself or your child, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out.

- Nick Intgroen (AJKA 4x World Karate Champion)

Mike Riepen

This school is absolutely amazing!! I can’t say enough good things. Our daughter has been there for several years. Mrs. Treger has helped her grow her confidence, takes substantial time guiding each and every youngster that comes through the school. Encourages each student in their personal growth both in martial arts as well as moral and ethical responsibility.

They run amazing special programs and put in significant time, such as “parents night out”. Creatively running a fun evening program for the kids allowing parents a few hours to grab a bite to eat on their own.

If your looking for a well run, family oriented martial arts school there is no doubt this is the place. Mr and Mrs Treger, and all the staff are so passionate about the art and their students!

We love this studio

Our daughter started coming to TSMA in 1st grade after being introduced to martial arts through the Tregers' after-school program in kindergarten. Now a 4th grader, she loves Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and especially loves the family of friends and instructors at TSMA. In addition to skill and technique, we have seen her develop patience, confidence, and determination.

- Jean and Eric Lakin

Truly a family

As someone who moved to Michigan without knowing anyone in the state, I was so lucky to find as welcoming a community as TSMA. In addition to learning Karate and Tae Kwon Do from amazing instructors who have a deep understanding of martial arts, I have made dear friends at the studio. I am absolutely overjoyed that I found TSMA.

- Claire Herting

Lori Untch

Love this school! Instructors are kind and encouraging. Each student progresses at their own pace. Parents Night Out is the Best! My kids come home exhausted every time. I’ve seen my daughter do things I never thought she could do.

friendly and inviting

My daughter and I both go here. The people are really friendly and inviting. We immediately felt at home and began learning quickly due to the great insight from not only the instructors, but the other members as well. We look forward to every class we can make it to, and the flexible class schedule makes it possible to fit multiple classes into our busy lifestyle throughout the week. If you are looking to learn some serious self defense techniques, compete in martial arts tournaments, or are just seeking a fun, new activity, then you should look into TSMA!

- Larry Singleton

Very welcoming. Instruction is phenomenal. 
The classes are engaging and well controlled. We are really happy thus far!

Eileen Theisen


2 days in with my 10 year old, we are impressed! Great, friendly atmosphere and the instruction is keeping him very engaged. Looking forward to seeing him progress!!

Dana Jones-Potter

Kate Park

Mr. And Mrs Treger are the greatest. My 3 kids and I started training with them in January of 2010 as a way for my youngest son to get physical therapy due to weakened muscles. They have been patient with him. All three of my children love going and still today my daughter and I still train. They are like family to us

Renee Christensen

We have been a part of the TSMA family for about 4 1/2 years. Initially our son joined, then a little over 2 years ago, I joined as well. It is truly a wonderful experience taking martial arts with my child! Master Larry Treger and Master Elizabeth Treger give so much of themselves to provide a warm, disciplined, fun and family orientated learning experience. If I were able to, I would give TSMA 10 stars!!

Deb Lindsey

Great variety of classes and experiences for families to
participate in. Our son has been learning karate with Larry and Elizabeth Treger and other caring staff for 5 yrs. and we're so grateful to have found TSMA. Love the family atmosphere, traditional focus and strong encouragement given to the kids.

Kate Wood

The Tregers create a positive, encouraging learning environment while maintaining high standards regarding training and character development. Master and Mrs. Treger have a heart for kids, and it shows in everything they do.

Joel Snyder

My daughter has trained at TSMA for four years and has been a member of the tournament team for the past three years. A great experience, a great environment for kids of all ages.

Ron Hoffman

Nothing but a positive experience from day one,
My daughter has been training now for 2 years under master Treger in (TKD) and I have been studying Brazilian jiu jitsu for 1 1/2 years now here at TSMA.
TSMA is Very well respected in the martial arts community with some great seminars held with highly decorated guest teachers.
👍 👍
Thanks for everything Mr & Mrs “T”